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Hari Ini Tanggal Berapa?

Hello everyone, how is your ability in speaking bahasa Indonesia? Have you practice what you learned in your daily activities? Do you still get confused in understand what the local people say when they were around you? Do you think maybe they talked about you and you as the foreigner who could not be able in communicating by using this language did not know about what they say? Of course it is a big problem because you stay in this country and always hear about the national language of Indonesia country every time and everywhere. So you are suggested to learn about bahasa Indonesia as the purpose of achieving you better career in this country.

Ok, for helping you learning about bahasa Indonesia. We will give you some lesson to build your knowledge in understanding bahasa Indonesia for daily activity. Now let’s talk about date and day. How to ask about the date and day in bahasa Indonesia. As the title of this article, Hari Ini Tanggal Berapa?, we will give you information about names of day and months in bahasa Indonesia. You will easily understand how to use it in your environment. Let see the conversation below:


Hari Ini Tanggal Berapa?,


Vivi       : Hari ini hari apa?

Roni      : Hari ini hari Minggu?

Vivi       : Kemarin hari apa?

Roni      : Kemarin hari Sabtu

Vivi       : Oh begitu, besok saya akan pergi ke Bandung.

Roni      : Oh ya? Hari Senin?

Vivi       : Iya

Roni      : Kapan kamu kembali ke Jakarta?

Vivi       : Lusa, hari Selasa

Roni      : Oh. Minggu depan saya akan ke Bukittinggi.

Vivi       : Itu bagus. Hari ini tanggal berapa?

Roni      : Hari ini tanggal 20.

Vivi       : Bulan ini bulan apa?

Roni      : Ini bulan Juni

Vivi       : Tahun lalu tahun berapa?

Roni      : Tahun 2016.

Vivi       : Sebelum hari Sabtu depan, saya harus bertemu adik laki-laki saya.

Roni      : Adik kamu darimana?

Vivi       : Dia dari Jogja

Roni      : Sudah berapa hari dia di Jakarta?

Vivi       : Dia di Jakarta sudah 3 hari.


Hari Ini Tanggal Berapa?,

Do you know the name of day in bahasa Indonesia? These are the list of name of day in the national language of this country:

  • Sunday (Minggu)
  • Monday (Senin)
  • Tuesday (Selasa)
  • Wednesday (Rabu)
  • Thursday (Kamis)
  • Friday (Jum’at)
  • Saturday (Sabtu)

If you want to ask the question about what day is today, you can ask with the sentence hari ini hari apa? or ini hari apa. Both of sentences have the same meaning, you could choose one of them as the easy way for to speak it. We are sure that you have already known about numbers that we have given in the previous article. And how to ask about the date? You can use the sentence hari ini tanggal berapa? or sekarang tanggal berapa? You can choose which one easier for you to remember. How about name of month is bahasa Indonesia? Actually, it is similar with English, the difference are only about pronunciation and the written.

  • Januari
  • Februari
  • Maret
  • April
  • Mei
  • Juni
  • Juli
  • Agustus
  • September
  • Oktober
  • November
  • Desember

For mentioning about the months, you can easily remember and pronounce it without any difficulties. For your information, in bahasa Indonesia, words that refer to “Sunday” and “week” are the same, namely minggu. When the initial letter of Minggu is capitalized in the middle of sentences, it means Sunday. If minggu is followed by lalu, depan, it definitely means week. Another way to determine Sunday or week is to trace through the context of the sentences. Look at the examples:

  • Hari Minggu hari libur (Sunday is holiday)
  • Saya sakit minggu lalu (I was sick last week)
  • Hari Minggu minggu lalu dia sakit (He was sick last week Sunday)


Hari Ini Tanggal Berapa?,

In talking about date or day, we will now about some important words that is usually used in daily life. To make you easy in explain about the day, you have to know some vocabularies that related to the time indications such as :

  • Setelah (After)
  • Sebelum (Before)
  • Minggu lalu (Last week)
  • Bulan lalu (Last month)
  • Tahun lalu (Last Year)
  • Tahun depan (Next year)
  • Minggu depan (Next week)
  • Bulan depan (Next month)
  • Lusa (Day after tomorrow)
  • Kemarin (Yesterday)
  • Besok (Tomorrow)
  • Tahun ini (This year)
  • Sekarang (Now)
  • Tadi (Last time)
  • Baru saja (Just now)

Now let see the second dialog that talk about the date of birth.

Buyung          : Hari ini hari apa?

Upik                : Hari ini hari Kamis

Buyung          : Tanggal berapa?

Upik                : Tanggal 14

Buyung          : Bulan apa?

Upik                : Bulan Maret

Buyung          : Tahun berapa?

Upik                : Tahun 2017

Buyung          : Kapan ulang tahun Anda?

Upik                : Tanggal 23 Juni

Buyung          : Tahun berapa Anda lahir?

Upik                : Tahun 1974

The dialog above is the easy way to ask about the day, date, also the year. If we read the first dialog is a bit long, but the second one is short and people will understand about what you mean if you ask the question like that. Learning bahasa Indonesia is not that difficult if you know the short way in delivering you language and remember the important vocabularies in your daily life. So let’s start to practice bahasa Indonesia with the people around, and you can easily communicate with the local people without any mistake.

If you need any information about bahasa Indonesia course or you wonder about another program we have about bahasa Indonesia learning, you could contact us through telephone/sms/WA at number 087885296161 or you could sent the message or email to our email address [email protected]. Let’s start to make you better than before. (SM)

Hari Ini Tanggal Berapa?

Hari Ini Tanggal Berapa?











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