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Tas Saya Sama Dengan Tas Dia - expatriateindonesia
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Tas Saya Sama Dengan Tas Dia

Making comparison in using bahasa Indonesia in your work field is very important because you will find several project or maybe in the meeting that people give the presentation about the outcome, income, or comparison for the new plan. Having career in Indonesia now become trend in the people from other country because mostly they see that Indonesia has many potential business which could change their life be better. By living in this country, you should use Indonesian language as the way to communicate with local people to avoid the misunderstanding.

Do you know, the local people who are able to speak English is approximately only 40% and other only could speak in bahasa Indonesa. It should be the reason that you need to understand about the language culture of bahasa Indonesia so you will get close to the people around and could make the good relationship with them.

How to achieve this purpose? You need to learn this language. However, as the people who work here, mostly foreigner do not have time to attend the course of bahasa Indonesia learning. Otherwise you can learn this language by yourself from internet media. You could find various source that would give you many information about how to speak bahasa Indonesia fluently and there are so many example of the conversation and phrase that you can use it your daily life while living in this country.

From this article which has title Tas Saya Sama Dengan Tas Dia, you can understand how to make the comparison and it will make you easy to express what you want to say in your environment. First, you can see the conversation below:

Tas Saya Sama Dengan Tas Dia

Desi      : Rumah siapa itu?

Andi      : Itu rumah teman saya. Rumah dia tidak murah

Desi      : Rumah saya juga tidak murah

Andi      : Apa rumah Anda jauh dari sini?

Desi      : Tidak, rumah saya di dekat kantor pos.

Andi      : Apa itu tas Anda? Sepertinya tas itu baru.

Desi      : Ya, tas saya sama dengan tas dia.

Andi      : Dia siapa?

Desi      : Orang yang pakai sepatu baru itu.

Andi      : Itu adik saya. Sepatu dia semahal sepatu saya.

Desi      : Berapa harganya?

Andi      : Rp 1.250.000

Desi      : Mahal sekali, mungkin itu sepatu paling mahal.

Andi      : Tidak, ada sepatu yang lebih mahal dari ini.

Desi      : Berapa harganya?

Andi      : 20 juta

Desi      : Itu terlalu mahal

Andi      : Harga sepatu di toko itu lebih mahal daripada harga sepatu di toko dekat

              rumah saya.

Desi      : Minggu depan, saya mau ke toko dekat rumah Anda dan beli sepatu paling


Andi      : Baiklah. Sampai jumpa

What do you usually use if you make the comparison in English? It must be several pattern which can form the comparison sentence in English. However, making comparison sentences in bahasa Indonesia is easy because we only need to know the important words such as:

  • sama dengan : this phrase means same as or same with. If you want to make the sentence which has the condition like this, the pattern should be:

Subject (noun) + sama dengan + Object (noun)

Example : Tas saya sama dengan tas dia (My bag is the same as his bag)


Tas Saya Sama Dengan Tas Dia

  • se + adjective/ sama + adjective + dengan : se in this case has the same meaning with In this part, you have to put adjective after se or between sama and dengan.
  • Subject (noun) + se-adjective + Object (noun)
  • Subject (noun) + sama + adjective + dengan + Object (noun)

Example : – Mobil ini semurah mobil teman saya (This car as cheap as my

                   friend’s car)

                      – Mobil ini sama murah dengan mobil teman saya (the meaning

                        is same as the sentence above)

  • Lebih…..daripada : this phrase is used to express to comparison about more than. Lebih means more and daripada means So, the pattern that is used in making the sentence is :

Subject (noun) + lebih + adjective + daripada + Object (noun)

Example : Rumah ini lebih besar daripada rumah nenek saya (This house is

                 bigger than my grandma’s house)

The word daripada could be shorter by using dari. Usually in the conversation, people prefer to choose dari.

Tas Saya Sama Dengan Tas Dia

  • Paling/ter- : this is used to express the sentence that has meaning as the most. So paling or prefix ter- means For the pattern, it is a bit similar with English pattern.
  • Subject (noun) + paling + adjective
  • Subject (noun) + ter-adjective

Example : – Tas ini paling mahal (This bag is the most expensive)

                 –Tas ini termahal (same meaning)

However, not all paling and ter- can be interchanged. There are several words that only could use paling or only ter- such as:

  • Paling sedikit
  • Paling menarik
  • Paling terang
  • Paling suka

Those words above could not be changed into ter so you need to use paling. And usually people prefer using paling than ter-.

So how was the information about comparison and superlative degree in bahasa Indonesia? Is that useful in your daily activities? The pattern of the sentence is easy and only need to enrich your vocabulary about adjective and any useful vocabularies. It will make you be able to express what you want to say in using bahasa Indonesia. Your purpose will be achieved easily and well if you could speak and build the relation with Indonesian people. So, try to practice it from now.

If you need any information about bahasa Indonesia course or you wonder about another program we have about bahasa Indonesia learning, you could contact us through telephone/sms/WA at number 087885296161 or you could sent the message or email to our email address excellentinhousetraining@gmail.com. Let’s start to make you better than before. (SM)


Tas Saya Sama Dengan Tas Dia

Tas Saya Sama Dengan Tas Dia


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