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Jam Berapa Sekarang? - expatriateindonesia
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Jam Berapa Sekarang?

Have you ever had the condition when you did not know about the time because you do not have any watch?

How if you were in one of Indonesia’s province and you want to ask about what time it was at the time? Unfortunately, you are still confused how to speak in bahasa Indonesia. It will be the problem if the people around could not speak in English. You do not need to use body language every time you go around Indonesia.

If you could speak bahasa Indonesia, the problem like that would not happen in your life. You need to increase your ability in able to fluent in foreign language if you stay in other country. Now days, Indonesia country become one of the famous country that has the strategic area to build the business potential. Many foreigners from various country choose Indonesia as the country they want to stay and look for the better career.

Staying in Indonesia means you have to accept the culture and also the habit of the people around. You also need to learn about how to communicate with the local people and have the good relationship as the way to increase you career. So that’s why, the important thing if you choose this country is language, by learning Indonesian language, there will be no gap among you as foreigner and local people.

So we will help you in learning bahasa Indonesia from internet media such as this article which could give you many information about Indonesian language. Now, let’s talk about the title of this article, Sekarang Jam Berapa?, that would tell you how to ask the time to the local people in Indonesia.

Sekarang Jam Berapa?

Nuri      : Sekarang jam berapa?

Badrun  : Sekarang jam 08.00

Nuri      : Jam berapa pesta pernikahan Rudi?

Badrun  : Jam 11.15

Nuri      : Lalu jam berapa kita akan pergi?

Badrun  : Kita akan pergi jam 10.30

Nuri      : Besok saya akan datang ke kantor jam 7.45

Badrun  : Saya mungkin akan datang terlambat

Nuri      : Jam berapa?

Badrun  : Mungkin jam 8.50.

Nuri      : Baiklah.

In asking about the time, you could use some of the sentence that suit to this situation. You only have to remember those sentence in your mind and practice it with the people around you. These are the example of sentences to ask the time:

  • Sekarang jam berapa?/ Jam berapa sekarang?

          (What time is it now?)

  • Maaf, boleh tanya sekarang jam berapa?

          (Excuse me, may I ask what time is it now?)

For explaining about the time, we will always hear about some important words used among others:

Lewat                          (past/through)

Kurang                       (less/to)

Setengah                   (half)

Seperempat              (one per four)

If you mention about 8.30, the number 30 behind could be changed to half or setengah anda you have to mention the number after 8 that is 9. And for 7.15, the number 15 could be change to ¼ or seperempat. So the form is

9.30  = setengah sepuluh  (half ten)

7.30  = setengah depalan  (half eight)

7.15 = tujuh le


Sekarang Jam Berapa?

Sekarang jam berapa?

Sekarang jam 3 sore.

Sekarang jam 7 malam.

Sekarang jam 8 pagi.

Sekarang jam 12 siang.

Sekarang jam 12 kurang 10 menit.

Sekarang jam 7 tepat.

Jam berapa Anda ada di rumah malam ini?

Saya ada di rumah jam 8 lewat 15 menit.

Jam saya cepat 10 menit.

Jam teman saya lambat 5 menit.

Dari rumah saya sampai pantai dengan motor kira-kira ½ jam.

Dari sini sampai Bogor dengan mobil kira-kira 2 ½ jam

Dari rumah sakit sampai rumah Anda dengan bus berapa menit?

Dia sampai rumah sekitar jam 9 malam.

Sekarang Jam Berapa?

In Indonesia, we never mention the time as English time by using P.M or A.M, we only use the pagi as the sign that the duration is still around morning, siang as the sign that the duration is around afternoon or noon, sore as the sign of evening and malam for night. So which time that mention the four condition?

  • Pagi :  6 A.M – 11 A.M (usually many people will say siang if the time has past 11 )
  • Siang : 12 A.M – 2.59 P.M
  • Sore : 3 P.M – 6 P.M
  • Malam : 7 P.M – 3 A.M

Generally, for the time from 1 A.M until 3 A.M could be mentioned as tengah malam but some of them still call it as malam. Anda for the time 4 A.M until 5 A.M could be called as subuh or early morning.

If you want to say, for example 7 o’clock, you could say as jam tujuh tepat. Ini this case, tepat means right, not less or more.

Example : Saya sampai rumah jam 8 tepat ( I reached home at 8 o’clock)

There are also some other words that is usually used in the time condition. Those are kira-kira and sekitar. Kira-kira has the meaning as about that is usually used for time and distance. Sekitar, has the meaning as around, is also used for the time and distance.

So now, you will not get confused to ask or answer about the time if there are someone around you ask or if you want to ask people around about the time. It will very useful for you in facing the culture of Indonesia country. So you can start from now to learn and practice to communicate with the local people using bahasa Indonesia. You will have many friends from this country in the future.

If you need any information about bahasa Indonesia course or you wonder about another program we have about bahasa Indonesia learning, you could contact us through telephone/sms/WA at number 087885296161 or you could sent the message or email to our email address excellentinhousetraining@gmail.com. Let’s start to make you better than before. (SM)

Sekarang Jam Berapa?

Sekarang Jam Berapa?















Thank you for reading this article : Sekarang Jam Berapa?



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