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Aktivitas Saya - expatriateindonesia
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Aktivitas Saya

How do you explain about your daily activity in bahasa Indonesia? How about your achievement using bahasa Indonesia in in your daily activity? Have you practiced it with the local people in this country? Learning about bahasa Indonesia as the way to communicate with the local people is the important thing if you decide to live or stay in this country because of various purpose. As we know, Indonesia now become the developed country that always have the increasing in all field especially economic and political. There are so many potential business that make the people from other country want to build business and make the better career in the future.

Having the good career in this country is not easy as you thing because you have to make relation and communicate with the local people to support your purpose living in this Indonesia. There are still many people of Indonesia who could not speak in English and it will be very difficult for to understand what they say if you do the corporation with them. That is why you have to learn bahasa Indonesia as the way to make the good career in this country.

In the previous articles, we have given you some information about several expression and the way to speak in bahasa Indonesia. Now we will explain about the way how to tell your daily activity from this article, Aktivitas Saya, and you will not get any doubt in explain about your activities. Before, you need to see the text below about the person activity and you can see several expression that usually used for explaining daily activity.

Aktivitas Saya

Saya datang dari Amerika. Di Indonesia, saya belajar bahasa Indonesia dengan seorang guru. Setiap hari, saya melakukan aktiftas saya dengan baik. Biasanya saya bangun tidur pada jam 6. Sesudah bangun, saya langsung membersihkan kamar. Kemudian, saya mandi dan gosok gigi. Setelah itu, saya pakai baju lalu membuat sarapan. Seperti biasa, saya sarapan roti dan teh panas. Biasanya saya sarapan sambil membaca koran. Walaupun bahasa Indonesia saya tidak bagus, tapi saya coba belajar dari koran. Setelah sarapan, saya pergi ke kursus jam 08.00 dengan sepeda. Dari rumah saya ke kursus hanya makan waktu 15 menit. Kadang-kadang saya naik bus kesana. Saya jarang jalan kaki karena itu akan membuat saya capek. Sebenarnya saya sangat malas melakukan olahraga. Pelajaran bahasa Indonesia mulai jam 08.30 dan selesai jam 11.00. Selama pelajaran, kami punya waktu istirahat 2 kali. Kemudian, saya kembali ke rumah jam 12 siang dan tidur siang selama 30 menit. Orang bilang saya sangat malas, tapi saya pikir tidak.

In learning about telling daily activity, there are several things that you need such as the time signal and the phrase. In English, this pattern called as present tense and every part of tenses has their own pattern. It is different with Indonesian language that only has one pattern for every rule of making sentences. What is that? That is the basic pattern of English sentences, Subject + Predicate (Verb) + Object. There is no verb conjugations exist to express tenses for pluralizing words or contending with personal pronouns. Tenses are expressed by the context. Adjuncts related to time indicate perfect, present, or future tense. The example of Indonesian language sentence:

  • Saya belajar bahasa Indonesia
  • Saya makan di restoran setiap hari

There is no change for the verb as in English that must use es/s for indicating present tense. Usually, in using the present tense for Indonesian language version, we only use time signal or auxiliary as the way to show when the even happen. The common words that always used in daily activity are:

Aktivitas Saya

  • Biasanya (Usually)
  • Setiap hari (Every day)
  • Kadang-kadang (Sometimes)
  • Selalu (Always)
  • Jarang (Jarang)
  • Sering (Often)
  • Pernah (Ever)
  • Tidak Pernah (Never)
  • Setiap minggu (Every week)
  • Setiap pagi (Every morning)
  • Setiap malam (Every night)

In explaining about your daily life, you have to know about several conjunction that is usually used for making sentence about daily activity.

  • Setelah + Activity (After + Activity)
  • Sesudah + Activity (After + Activity)
  • Setelah itu, (After that)
  • Sebelum + Actvity (Before + Activity)
  • Sebelum itu, (Before that)
  • Kemudian (Then)
  • Lalu                         (Then)
  • Selanjutnya (Next)
  • Selama (During)
  • Seperti biasa (As usual)

Example :

  • Saya biasanya pergi ke sekolah setelah sarapan

(I usually go to school after having breakfast)

  • Setelah makan, saya bertemu dengan teman saya

(After eating, I meet my friend)

Aktivitas Saya

Ok, now let’s see what kind of activities that you usually do and how to say it in bahasa Indonesia:

  • Bangun tidur (Wake up)
  • Mandi (Take a bath)
  • Sarapan (Breakfast)
  • Berangkat ke kantor (Go to office)
  • Makan siang (Having lunch)
  • Bekerja (Working)
  • Belajar (Studying)
  • Membersihkan rumah (Cleaning the house)
  • Masak makan malam (Cooking dinner)
  • Pulang kantor (Go home from office)
  • Membaca koran (Reading newspaper)
  • Menulis e-mail (Writing e-mail)
  • Bertemu dengan teman (Meeting with friend)
  • Belanja di mall (Shopping at mall)
  • Mendengar music (Listen to music)
  • Tidur (Sleeping)

Now you know how to tell about your daily activities to the people around you. One thing that you have to know if you learn about a language is you need to practice it your daily life. It is very useful to make you remember about the word you have learned before. Without practicing, you will forget the vocabularies you have, so better try to practice it from now.

Aktivitas Saya

Aktivitas Saya



Thank you for reading in this article :Aktivitas Saya

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